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For projects -
Customized furniture production
We know, sometimes that one and only dreamed piece of furniture keeps swirling around
somewhere deep in your fantasies, and yet is so difficult to find it. Tell us about it! And
what we will do, is make it yours – real and individual – according to your chosen style, colour, texture, shape and functionality. What is more, we not only manufacture furniture for a particular space based on your preferred criteria, but can also easily adjust and modify what you already have according to your personal needs. So please, submit your wishes to us.
Design service -
From an idea to its realization
How does it sound if you give your space to us, and we take care of every little detail, from
the initial idea to the very end of its realization? All you have to do is entrust your bar, café,
restaurant or office to our team.
Tell us about what you have in mind and we will take care of:
* Spatial furniture distribution planning
* Lighting planning
* The Concept
* Stylistic collages
* Colour, material, texture and pattern solutions reflecting individuality and personal values
* 3D visualisations
* Detailed furniture drafting
* Designing non-standard furniture and picking the materials
* Non-standard case furniture drafting (bars, tables, chairs, etc.)
* Furniture choices
* Lamp choices
* Decoration: interior elements and aesthetic space formation
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