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About us

Bravo Projèkt is a brand specializing in HoReCa & Office furniture solutions for next-gen entrepreneurs, interior aficionados and cultural hooligans. The true engineers of the new postmodern city, these creators are reconstructing our workplaces and leisure environments: our bars and hotels, our offices and cafés. With each new project, they seek emotional magnetism and design functionality.

Contract furniture is our passion. With eyes wide open, we commence our mornings with an overview of the latest news happening across the world of restaurant chairs and tables. Nothing gives us more pleasure than the late-night studies of the hottest new trends in workplace design. In between the early mornings and the late nights, we work for you. We fill your space of work or hospitality with objects invested with very specific emotional codes that help attract your target audience. We are open to crazy ideas, we fulfill them by choosing unique furniture models, by playing with styles, colors, materials and emotions. We execute the project till the very last screw.

We befriend each other. And you can count on Bravo being a great client in your new restaurant or bar too.