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Wooden chairs

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179.00 €
Albert Kuip A chair
149.00 €
Albert Kuip chair
134.31 €
Alice wood chair
Item in Stock
316.00 €
Babila 2700 chair
228.00 €
Babila 2710 chair
470.00 €
Babila 2751 chair
590.00 €
Babila 2756 chair
150.00 €
Barbara chair
254.10 €
BHI 0903-C7 chair
173.03 €
BHI 1204-C21 chair
146.41 €
BHI 1204-C22 chair
157.30 €
BHI 1204-C23 chair
100.43 €
BHI 1204-C24 chair
140.36 €
BHI 1204-C25 chair
140.36 €
BHI 1204-C27 chair
142.78 €
BHI 1204-C28 chair
174.24 €
BHI 1204-C29 chair
147.62 €
BHI 1204-C30 chair
173.03 €
BHI 1204-C31 chair
134.31 €
BHI 1204-C32 chair
177.87 €
BHI 1204-C33 chair
130.68 €
BHI 1204-C34 chair
160.93 €
BHI 1204-C35 chair
185.13 €
BHI 1204-C38 chair
Wooden chairs are often chosen for bar, cafe or restaurant interior. Stylish and durable chairs for contract spaces are both relevant and important. In our assortment wooden chairs are adapted for contract use, so they can easily be accommodated in bars, cafes, restaurants and other public spaces. Most of the wooden chairs in our range can be modified. The color of wood and fabric can be chosen according to the general idea and emotion of the place. If you do not find the chair model you need on our site, you can contact us individually and we will try to find the model you need.

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