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Indoor furniture

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144.99 €
Abbas side table
381.15 €
Absolut Black granite table top
Item in Stock
295.24 €
Acapulco bar stool
346.06 €
Acapulco chair
326.70 €
Afi armchair
327.91 €
Afi bar stool
179.00 €
Agate side table
169.40 €
Aitra bar stool
142.78 €
Aitra chair
409.00 €
Alagon bench
718.99 €
Alagon table
199.00 €
Albert Kuip A chair
165.00 €
Albert Kuip chair
141.57 €
Alice wood chair
Item in Stock
279.00 €
Alim table set
326.70 €
Anais bar stool
256.52 €
Anais chair
321.86 €
Anais counter stool
280.72 €
Anais-S chair
297.66 €
Anja chair
372.68 €
Antia bar stool
Indoor contract furniture for bars, cafes, restaurants and other public and business spaces. We have a wide range of chairs, table legs, table tops, bar stools and upholstered furniture. Durable and stylish chairs for cafes and other public spaces are very important. We know that every project is very individual so you need to choose furniture very responsible. Right furniture helps to create individual and unique look for your space.

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